Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Unfortunately, yesterday, I received really bad news, twice in less than 24 hours. I found out my cousin's long time boyfriend passed away and my long time, loan-officer, Sandy passed away. Death is a scary thing. It seems as its more privalent now, than ever. A few weeks ago, my Uncle Frank, my grandpas brother passed away and we knew it was coming...but just thought it wouldn't have came as fast as it did. Finding out about my loan-officer, Sandy's death, really hit close to me, because I talked to her all the time, saw her a friend/family functions and didn't even know she was sick. She found out she had Cancer on October 30th and passed away on Sunday, December 27, 2008. It's such a terrible thing and death reminds me, that TOMORROW is not promised. All of the times we have fueds with our friends and family and loved ones, its sooOOOooo not worth it. I just try and love EVERYONE, live life to the fullest and hopefully my friends and family will do the same.

Sandy, Bobby Jo and Uncle Frank.
You will be all be missed.