Sunday, March 29, 2009

Graffiti Louis Vuitton Speedy brother and I went to the Beverly Center over the weekend and stopped into the Louis Vuitton Store.

amazing right???

I want this bag soooOOoo bad!!
it's only one G.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kim Kardashian...

I promise...
the flossiiieeesttt.
on the cover of the new COMPLEX magazine

Reggie and Kim...they are soOoo cute together.

this is the most beautiful picture ever...<3 her.

Monday, March 23, 2009


could I have been in Houston this weekend for the Fader event??
I mean...
KIDZ in the HALL
Mickey FACTZ

I can keep going on...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

saturdayyy = fun day

it's Saturday...and it's really cold in the OC.
i've beeen at my giirrl lisa lees's house...posted..
talkin ish...hangin out with the babyyyy juelz...

he's super cute...right???

you know how i do.
everything is lovely!

can iiiii live???

could these not be the freshest shoes tho??
Kan the louis vuitton don...for Real..real!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

just got some new INK

it's still bruised...


Monday, March 16, 2009

a special place in my heart...

even tho he stood me up for our date last August...
i still have a little soft spot in my heart for him <3

i think i'm in LOVE...again.

I wanna say STANK YOU...very much.
thanks to my girls for a WONDERFUL evening in LA!

Driving down Sunset...we realized we wanted to go to Amoeba...the music store...but didn't have time.

Next time ladies...
then we went to the Laugh Factory and saw a bunch of dope ass comedians...
my favorite...Joe Toree from BET.

All he talked about was LIL was soOooo funny and soOOO true.

Then we decided to go to Roscoe's...I wasn't very hungry but, can never pass up Roscoe's.

I'll take a number 5 with a waffle please...water and easy on the ice. THANK YOU.

On the way home...we listened to The Love Below ish. I leave you for the evening to get my beauty rest...enjoy...The Song.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


1. It's Saturday...FUN DAY
2. I would have been going to VEGAS
3. I would have been going to VEGAS WITH YOU...but you pestered the shit out of me.
4. I know I'm flyyyy...but I just don't walk around in lingerie in the middle of VEGAS for ANYONE.
5. The DATING SCENE is for the birds.
6. Why do all these young cats fall for me???
7. My hair dye is settling.
8. I just want to be successful.
9. Shopping is my THERAPY.
10. My nail appointment is at 9:00 - so dedicated.
11. I think I'm gonna go watch B at his Basketball game today.
12. I mix Patron with a little bit of is PATROOSE.
13. I just bought the most amazing pink SILK tha SHOCKERRRRRRR SHEETS IN PINK <3
14. I will be at the MAC counter today.
15. I'm tired of talking about BCBG.
16. Taxes are being done this weekend.
17. Tamika = AMAZING - hang in there sweets.
20. KANYE is fucking BEAUTIFUL <3...but AMBER ROSE = not the business.

Monday, March 9, 2009

May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997


Sunday, March 8, 2009

sister tiiime <3


Friday, March 6, 2009

The Love Below...

As I sit here listening to this many emotions spark up.

Its crazy...Vibrate. That song is so ill. Not only because the way the beat drops...but the vocab is way amazing.

I remember watching the movie like if I just watched it now...the LOVE below. Its a pretty amazing thing...when you find love...regardless of whatever or whoever you find it with.

I think that's why Idlewild is one of my favorite movies...its like "carpe diem" to the 10th power...when you find embrace it...never let it go!

If its hip hop..a person...a career...whatever it is..hold on to it.

You never know when you will lose it...and forever it will be gone.

The Love Below.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


1. I still am very unhappy with my career..need a change ASAP like T.I.
2. Chris Brown is out of control
3. I have gotten over the asshole of a man with the initials TRW
4. Girls hit on me...its very flattering but NO THANKS.
5. Day and Night by Kid Cudi is in my mind.
6. I can't wait for the weekend.
7. Follow me on TWITTER.COM/LoveKeturah
8. I love reuniting with old friends.
9. I am going to see De La Soul next Thursday.
10. My President is Black
11. I like the finer things in life.
12. I love Lisa Brandt
13. Shout out to Simone for pimpin out my page
14. I think I like Light Brights now
15. POP CHAMPAGNE is on heavy rotation in the car.
16. LOVE is a beautiful thing.
17. I wanna dance all night on Friday or Saturday
18. Happy Gilmore is my shit.
19. I miss my Grandma
20. ask me how I am doing...I am fabulous darling <3


Monday, March 2, 2009

the things we do to YOU...


so my weekend was pretty intense and busy!
let's recap shall we?

we shall.

ONE: On Friday night I went on an outting with a boy. Can't really say it was a date...because it wasn't. LOL. We went to Best Buy...where we couldn't find the RAP section (but since when is it called Rap tho..must be that way to the Corporate folks). Then...we went to StarBux and walked around B&N for a while then went to the movies and saw the dumbest ass & tits movie mixed in with blood and gore...Friday the 13th. IDK man...I wasn't feelin it too much...I hate scary movies and the fact that I actually went with a little too crazy for me.

TWO: On Saturday...I spent most of my day in LA with my friend Janine. Went to my favorite swapment - SLAUSON! lol...then at night...we went to the gayest club ever. HEAT! I mean...I thought Ember was bad..but this was ever CRAZIER.
The decor was about the only beautiful thing in there. The DJ SUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKED! How do you mix...Pink and Bone Thugs?? Right!! Me and my girls took pictures inside of the bathroom..I kept saying I wanted the chandilears! They were soOooo FAB!

I was gettin stoopid irriatated at the couples in this club. They acted like they were not going to get a chance to get it afterwards. So many people were making out...dry was DISGUSTING!! One guy was licking the hell out of this girls ear...I was like...that's it...I'm outta here man!

I love it also when you go to a club in Orange County and they try and act like they are in LA. $15 for a margarita!! Kiss my caramel-mocha ass son!

THREE: Sunday in the day time...I was posted and until about 1:00 - caught up with Nikee, Cam and the new baby that is arriving in June! We went to Chipotle. She had never ate there you know I had to show her what it was all about. I love that damn place. The burrito bowl hits my SPOT <3. Then it was time for the event of the Month...Busta Rhymes concert at Nokia Club last was SUPER AMAZING. Busta Bust....put on the dopest show ever! He's up there with my all time fav 5 performers! Spliff and him get so crazy together. They were dancing...gettin nutz!

I can't forget about my loves U-N-I though. The rocked it tooo. I love when they do Beautiful day! I wished they would have done fat girls tho! lmao...i love that song. I HEART Thurzday...he is my love...he doesn't know it yet sshhh be quiet.

But back to Busta...he has soOooo many hits. I almost died when he performed GIMME SOME MORE!! That is my all time favorite joint of his!!! "Flipmode is the greatest!"

To top my night...Xhibit came out and did 2 joints and all time favorite WU-TANG member besides ODB - rip....Raekwon the Chefffffffffff came out and did Incarcerated Scarfaces. Not too many people were in it tho....I was like..."peace to incarcerated scarfaces!"

ps...the NOKIA CLUB is gorgeous. The lighting effects were amazing...real grown and sexyyy in there. [photo taken from CLUBNOKIA.COM]

I LOVE HIP HOP...its such a beautiful thing. It is the only thing that ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and the only thing that will NEVER leave hip hop <3

After the concert was over...we were walking out, and you know how everybody and they mama give you fliers and then we just throw them away or throw them on the ground?

Well...after deciding to keep them...I found out that on May 2nd...SLUM VILLAGE is having a reunion with Baatiin!! I'm like...what about T3 tho!
Black Milk...Guilty Simpson, 9th and Buckshot will all be at this festival...i'm so excited.

now...if I can only get the lineup for Rock the Bells already...i'd be straight fabulous!

i'm so mad...none of my pix on the stage came you will just have to blessed at lookin at my friends and me =)
enjoy the flix...
exe's and hoes'

<3 K

Sunday, March 1, 2009

sOoo basically...