Monday, June 14, 2010


At the end of it all its you.

I couldn't take it
But the spell of love
I couldn't shake it
Even though, I would discover
That there was somebody else
It was your lover
You gave me up
And managed to turn the tables
And all your honest words they turn to fables
The things that you would accuse me of
It seem were the things you were doing love
Get it? These things you projected
And I don't want to be affected
But when you get in love
It's never easy love
To make decisions of
You've defected
You were doing so much to try to pin me
Going through all my stuff, but it was empty
Answers, that I'm seeking
Well it seem I'm getting close
That I'm reaching
And I was thinking, I had no reason
Calling you a culprit, it was treason
And the twinkle, in your eye
It was kinda not for love
And tell me why?
We'll make amends if you admit it
We can ascend if you're committed
Your heart, is it in it?
If it goes for many days
Sweet love can decay from you

- q.tip