Friday, July 9, 2010

She's Not So Nice ANYMORE.

I'm tired of playing Miss Nice.

Taken advantage of too many times.

The thought of me driving out of my way, paying for someone that can't pay for themselves, the thought of me holding my tounge when you are the rude one.

Shall we continue?


Tired of people being complete ASS HOLES.

Didn't your Mama raise you to be BETTER?

Commenting on shiiit you have NO business putting your 2 cents in?

Not inviting me to a party because...well you think you are better than me?

Claiming I owe you an apology because of a rape charge that I accused you of? Better be glad I ONLY went to the police and that I didn't press charges.

You've got nerve.


When did people..start being so fukkkin rude.

Thought Obama said it was time for a change?

I give my all. MY COMPLETE all.

& all I am asking is...can I get a pinch of that love in return?

If not, that's definitely cool.
I'll just stick to my family.

& the few TRUE friends I have that I count on one hand.


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