Sunday, November 30, 2008


Universal Mind Control
December 9th...

can you come any sooner??

I really have never been the type to be on Common's nuts the way I have about UNIVERSAL MIND CONTROL. My brother always got on me I would never listen..listen to him. Well...are you happy KVON??

I got the opportunity in September to here this one song called...Punch Drunk Love (The Eye)...and it really got me hooked. However, the original song that Common did on tour was with Pharrell.

The song that is going to be released on his album is with Kanye.

I mean...really though Common??
I'm thankful he made the song..thinking about me. =)

-hey baby is you crazy...or was you givin' me the eye?? ♥


bella word said...

you know erin was on his mind,

not no keturah.

i already told you
COMMON & LUPE are off limits.