Sunday, November 23, 2008

X-MAS shopping I went to the Brea Mall and got some lipgloss, perfume and stuff and I really started to think...what I want for X-MAS. So here it is:

the gold fendi wallet...


the black on black Range Rover...

these fabulous shoes at BEBE

but...lets be realistic here.
the fendi wallet and the shoes are all I'm possibly going to get.

but seriously...not being materialistic or anything, its just a wish list. I honestly just want to be with my family! To love one another...and just have a great time together. My grannie is coming from Kansas and we always have a lot of fun when we are together..its a great thing. I also wish I could be with my honaaayyyy...Terek.

It's really unfortunate, I will not see him until after the Holidays... =(.
It will be our first Christmas together and not together at the same time. Its a shame..but what can one do.

Another thing I for this freakin economy to get better! People are losing their jobs left and right and especially at this time of year, its the worst!
I wish for people to have money in their hands, to feed theirs families and for everyone to have jobs! Its seriously getting ridiculous...the amount of people that are getting laid off EVERY DAY!!

Lord help us ALL!

Anyways...the Holidays are here!
and I couldn't be any happier..its my favorite time of year..besides the bday!